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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Using the Power of Twitter for Your Online Learning

Twitter is a famous social media site that has widely spread in many professional fields. But in the area of online education it seems to be in the beginning. Twitter can be an impressive and inspirational tool for online students as it provides them the line of communication in their online learning environment. Find out some of the ways Twitter can be helpful in the college classroom:

Twitter Promotes Communication

Twitter is indeed one of the most effective ways to increase the communication among online students, online instructors and their peers. Students and teachers can contact each other by direct tweets without having to share cell phone numbers. You can get to know your classmates and peers by Twitter group.

Improves Collaboration

Another benefit of using Twitter is that students can collaborate on projects easily by setting up a group using an app like Tweetworks to facilitate communication between everyone working together. Moreover, online instructors can also use Twitter for announcements or can send out reminders about upcoming tests, assignment deadlines, or any news that needs to be shared.

Share Knowledge and Ideas via Twitter

Twitter provides online students with an excellent opportunity to share ideas and brainstorm on class topics. Teachers and students both can tweet interesting websites that are relevant to their online course and topic.

Twitter Promotes Online Learning

Twitter feeds can happen much more frequently than the two or three times a day a student is in class, therefore using Twitter in the classroom means there is a daily opportunity for learning.

Use Twitter Tools

Using Twitter tools can help students use Twitter more efficiently so you can make the most of what it offers. Twhirl helps manage your Twitter experience and allows you to shorten URL, new message notifications, image posting and more. QuoteURL is a great tool for summarizing a Twitter project and can put different Tweets together on one page. TwitterNotes is an app that makes it simple to keep private notes for yourself among your Tweets. Some other Twitter tools are TwitPic, Tweetree, TweetDeck, TweetScan, TweetLater and more.

Establishes Your Online Presence

Using Twitter also allows you to establish a positive and strong online presence that will help you while job searching. You can follow the company you want to work for. Following your target company on Twitter helps you keep up-to-date with the news and learn about the nature of the company before you even start to interview there.

Twitter also helps you find a Job

Online learners who are getting ready to move to a new career can also use Twitter for searching a job. You can search jobs posted on Twitter by keyword or geographic location by using the tool twitterjobcast. While TweetMyJobs is another job search tool that allows job seekers and employers to find each other via Twitter. Post about your job hunt. If you have created a positive web image and connected with a variety of people in your desired field, you may get amazing results when you post about your job hunt on Twitter.

To summarize, Twitter provides creative options of learning that can be used by online students in their college classroom and make their online learning experience successful.

Online learning is a great way to pursue higher education. Do you want to learn what is online learning to get started?

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