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Monday, April 9, 2012

Why You Should Use Facebook in Your Online Learning

Facebook is not only the way to search old friends but it is a revolutionizing social media site that serves as a great online learning tool. Facebook can be used for class projects and enhanced communication that cannot be possible in a traditional classroom setting. Let’s see how online students can effectively use Facebook in their online classroom environment:

Class Projects

Online students can use Facebook for their assignments and projects. Students can post their book reviews for the instructor to grade and other students to read. Additionally, in order to keep current information flowing through the class, online learners can follow news feeds relevant to the course material.

Facilitate Communication

In an online learning environment, strengthening the communication between students and online instructors is very critical. You can create groups for your online class that will allow you to share information.  Moreover, you can share multimedia content such as videos and photos relevant to your post material with your other peers. Online instructors can send out reminders about upcoming tests, deadlines for assignments and any other classroom news. Students and online instructors alike can post interesting websites that add relevancy to the class.

Promote Collaboration

Since most students are already familiar with Facebook, so implementing it into an online learning is somehow very comfortable for most of the students. Facebook provides online students and instructors both with a great opportunity to participate in ambient awareness that helps them to realize the importance of social networks in more meaningful ways. It also allows students to actively participate in class activities.  

Facebook Apps for Online Learners

Facebook offers different valuable applications and groups for online students that can be used to enhance their usage of Facebook in online schools. For instance, weRead is a Facebook app that allows students to manage the books on their reading lists, connect with other in discussions about the books. CourseFeed is another Facebook application that can be used to find online classes or follow your current class. Similarly, Notely, Flashcards, Study Groups, He Math! Challenge, Class Notes, Homework Help, SkoolPool are some other Facebook apps for online learners.

Facebook Helps You Find a Job

Another great advantage of using Facebook is that it helps you look for a career that will best suit with your interest. By establishing a positive and professional web presence on Facebook will help you find a better job. You can upload your online resume with a profile badge so that it will help prospective employers to take a look. Additionally, you can use a Professional Profile app to your Facebook page in order to give all your professional information in one place. Also, you can take advantage of Facebook job search apps that will help you begin a rewarding career.
Facebook is an effective online learning tool that can greatly help students in getting higher education if used, rightly, effectively and professionally.  

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