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Friday, July 13, 2012

Degrees That Can Be Completed Online Only

Having a degree will give you an edge when vying for a high paying job. There are some fields, such as medicine and education, where a degree is absolutely necessary. Online college courses have become a popular alternative to traditional classroom study. This allows students to study on their own schedule in the convenience of their homes. There are many degrees that can be earned by doing coursework online only with no classroom attendance required. Most degrees that can be earned on campus are available online, and all degrees available online can be earned on campus.


There are a number of accredited colleges and universities that offer fully online degree programs. These schools allow you to earn your degree over the Internet, without ever stepping foot into a classroom. Some schools, such as American Public University or Kaplan University, do not have a physical campus, therefore degrees through them can only be earned online. Students interact with the instructor and other students, and submit assignments through the school's website. offers a comprehensive list of online schools.

Types of Degrees

All degree levels offered at a traditional college are now available online. This includes career certificates, associate's degrees, bachelor's degrees, master's degrees and doctorates. Because you have the freedom to work more or less at your own pace, online degrees can often be completed more rapidly than traditional classroom study.

Programs of Study

Each online institution has its own schools and programs of study, therefore there are thousands of degree progams available. These range from literature, to history, from marketing to administration, from hotel management to teaching and health care degrees, among many others. Degrees in every field are available. presents a comprehensive list.

Accreditation and Acceptance

While once there was somewhat of a stigma attached to online degrees, they have now become widely acceptable in the eyes of employers. This is due to the fact that there are now many nationally and regionally accredited online universities available. Check your prospective school's accreditation before applying. Many of the schools offering online degrees also have established physical campuses, and your employer will not necessarily know that you received your degree online as opposed to the traditional method.

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