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Monday, July 23, 2012

Visit a College Campus from home! Get a College Brochure

As much as students would like to visit college campuses before they make a decision on which school to go to, this is not always a possibility. Yet, one needs to get a feel of the place that they’ll be calling their alma mater many years down the road. So, do you just sit down and mope about not being able to visit? No, you order a college brochure!

College Brochures contain all the Information you’ll need

Be it information about tuition fees, admission requirements, faculty, degrees and courses offered, etc. a good brochure will provide you with all the details that you probably need to make a decision about a college. Even details about the faculty, accreditation and financial aid and scholarships can be found in these brochures.

You can compare Schools quite conveniently

Suppose there are five schools that you’ve shortlisted for your undergrad or graduate degree. While you may visit a campus or two, evaluating five different schools can be quite a challenge. However, with the help of brochures for these colleges, you can compare fees, other costs, college accreditation and ranking, students and alumni, etc of the different schools and see which one would you like to make your top choice.

View college brochures online or order one by Mail

Nowadays, colleges also put up softcopies of their brochures on their websites. So you can easily view updated versions online. If, however, you prefer holding a copy in your hands and reading through, you can request one from the university too. Checking them out couldn’t have been easier.

It’s like a Campus Visit for Free!

Complete with pictures of college facilities, campuses, students, etc., you do feel like you have nearly made a visit to your preferred college. Many schools allow you to take a virtual tour on their websites, and the videos posted are usually very close to the actual campus. What’s even better is that many colleges send their prospectuses to future students for free, so it’s not like you have to pay anything even if you request a copy by mail.

You get all the needed Forms too

Most college brochures come complete with various forms that you may require, the most important being the admission form. You may even find forms for scholarships or for applying to a particular college community at the same time as your admission, though this is not that common.

These brochures can be really worth a lot in terms of the information and guidance they provide. Always check them out for every college that you have shortlisted as an option for your next degree.

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