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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

10 Most Wanted Online Vocational Degree Programs

One of the best ways of empowering one self is by learning a vocational trade. The independence released from the pursuit of online vocational degree programs is incomparable. Most graduates of vocational degree programs go on to establish thriving careers either as being employed or through the operation of their own business.
Surveys conducted by the National Center for Educational Statistics show that the most popular post-secondary vocational degrees lie in the categories of:


Many students are opting for prospective nursing careers to fill the many available positions in the health care sector. Online Nursing Vocational Degrees are available at levels of license practical, vocational, registered nursing. These individuals will go on to work in hospitals and other health care facilities.


An online vocational degree in welding prepares students for the vital roles of creating safe structures for general use. Welders are in constant demand, as their specialized field requires significant knowledge of various standards for the joining of metals. Welders usually earn high salaries as most of their work involves long working hours.

Computer Technology

Online Vocational Degree in Computer Technology offer students a practical approach to computer technology. As a result, graduates of vocational computer technology programs are in constant demand as the can be immersed directly into organizations straight out of college.

Automotive Technology

With the millions of cars on American streets, graduates of vocational automotive degree programs are in constant demand. Most colleges offer programs that are designed under the guidance of major automotive manufacturers to ensure students have a sound knowledge of various types of automotive by the time they graduate.

Medical record and Health Information Technicians

These individuals are responsible for the accurate documentation about the condition, treatment and care of patients within the health care system. A vocational degree in medical record keeping sensitizes students to the importance of accurate handling of medical information and its timely delivery.


Carpenters play a vital role in the housing sector and earn lucrative salaries. As a result, many students opt for online vocational degree in Carpentry so they can take advantage of the many carpentry opportunities available in the housing sector.


Paralegals are known as the eagles of the legal profession. These individual provide support to lawyers by conducting research, writing briefs and helping them to plan cases. These practical skills are best learnt during vocational degree paralegal programs that give students hands on training about the legal profession.

Bookkeeping and Accounting

Bookkeepers and accountants play a vital role in the handling of many organizations. As a result, the profession is one of the most popular areas amongst vocational students as they strive to fill the many accounting roles available in today’s business world.

Electrical Engineering

The vocational area of electrical engineering gives students hands on knowledge of the techniques and standards necessary to design, build and maintain electrical systems. These systems are utilized by consumers from all lifestyles and must be safe for their consumption.

Physical Therapy

The field of physical therapy is another popular vocational area among students. Here, students learn how to assist patients in regaining their mobility as a result of old age, illness or injury.
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