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Thursday, August 30, 2012

College Brochures – The Ultimate Tool For All Prospective Students

So you’ve thought of a degree program that you’ll be pursuing at college, and now you are down to college shopping. Your choice varies widely from online colleges to the traditional university, but there are too many questions riding on your mind and too many things you need answers for.

In moments like these, the first thing that comes to mind is getting a prospectus or college brochure. Though it’s common to find online brochures these days, many colleges give prospective students the option of requesting a hard copy to be delivered to them. Whether you get a printed copy or view it online, college brochures provide some really useful information.

8 Essential Bits of Information Provided By College Brochures

Tuition & Other Costs
Cost and expenses are a major concern on a student’s mind. You can find detailed estimated expenditures of your education, including tuition fees, estimated expenses on course books, etc. in a brochure. There may also be information on the various modes of fee payment, such as in installments, as a lump sum, etc.

Admission Requirements
What credentials and qualifications do you need for a particular degree? A college brochure will contain the relevant information for you. Check them out to see if you meet the minimum requirements for the college of your choice.

Degrees Offered And Syllabi
Often, students have a particular field in mind and not a precise degree to go for. A prospectus may make the job easy for you. Degrees belonging to a particular field or department are usually clubbed together in a section, and the information and syllabus details contained is often useful for students in deciding which program they’d like to pursue.

Who’ll be teaching you a particular course? Is the person qualified enough? These and many other questions you may have about your prospective teachers will be answered in a college brochure. Browse through to get an idea of the brilliant minds who’ll become your professors and lecturers in the days to come.

Financial Aid and Scholarships
Every college has financial aid and scholarship options for students. Often, the requirements for various scholarships and financial aid vary as does the amount that can be granted or loaned. A prospectus usually contains lots of details and criteria for winning a scholarship or grant that can be very useful to a prospective student.

Previous and Existing Students
Remember the college brochure that had profiles of a particular year’s batch? These are included to give future students an idea of what an average student at the college is like and their backgrounds. The info is often quite enlightening and also fun to read!

College Facilities
Will you have access to college resources such as journals and library? Will you be able to use audio and video files related to your courses? A prospectus or brochure will surely give you all the information about what you will and will not have access to as a student of the college.

We saved the most important for the last. Accreditation is extremely important in selecting a college, especially for online colleges as the risk of getting deceived by ‘diploma mills’ is great! Go through the college brochure carefully to ensure that your college is accredited by the US Department of Education.

So go ahead and browse carefully through the brochure of your preferred college. After all, it might just be the most important bit of info that determines your future!

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