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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Distance Learning Education in Homeland Security

After the events of September 11, 2001, the government of the United States decided to revamp the way in which the United States would be protected. From this decision came the birth of the Department of Homeland Security. Since then, the demand for individuals trained in the science of homeland security has increased significantly. These individuals are trained to counter threats of terrorism at both local and international levels.
However, not all individuals were able to travel to universities that provided courses in the field of homeland security. This created a demand for degrees in homeland security Online Learning. Under the distance education model, students were able to pursue their degree in homeland security from any location and time. This is a plus for the administration that now has trained individuals in the science of homeland security all over the country.

Background of the Degree in Homeland Security by Distance Learning

The distance learning degree in homeland security targets those individuals who are interested in protecting the mainland of the United States. This protection may be of the form of border control and immigration, counter terrorism, natural or man-made disaster and international security. At the lower levels, degrees in homeland security introduce online students to all the different facets of homeland security. However, at the higher levels, the programs separate into specialized areas where students will focus their efforts to become specialist in their particular field of homeland security.

Distance Education Degrees in Homeland Security

Distance education degrees in homeland security are available at all levels of tertiary education. With this structure, distances education institutions can target individuals that are required at all levels in the employment pool. Not all individuals will be managers, some will have to do the groundwork to gather information by going out into the field.

At the Associate level, the distance learning degree in homeland security entails a two-year study that focuses on education that target first responders. First responders are those individuals who are first on the scene of a disaster or crime such as police officers, firefighters and emergency medical workers.

At the Bachelor level, the online degree in homeland security instills in its students skills of decision-making, the ability to implement emergency plans, intelligence gathering and surveillance. These individuals will work in supervisor and middle management positions within the field of homeland security.

At the postgraduate level, students will start specializing in specific areas of homeland security. Graduates will become experts and consultants within the department of homeland security. They also become or work alongside policy makers who are charged with the task of shaping safety procedures.

The typical curriculum of a distance learning degree in homeland security entails studies in subjects such as:

  • Criminal justice
  • Homeland security
  • Handling hazardous material
  • International terrorism
  • Cyber terrorism
  • Emergency planning and management
  • Organized crime
  • American law enforcement
  • Management of criminal evidence


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