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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Online Degree Programs

10 Biggest Myths about Online Degree Programs

The demand for online degree programs have grown to a great extent. Unlike what it had been years ago, online education is preferred over traditional on campus education. But there have always been doubts and hesitations about online education, which certainly needs clarification.

We have listed here a set of 10 biggest myths about Online Degree Programs which are constantly questioned by prospective students. We are sure it will help in getting better clarity about the issues and online education in general

Myth 1 – Online Degree Courses are less Expensive

If you heard somebody telling you that online education is less expensive than traditional schools, kindly remember that you will have to pay for the quality you expect. Cost differs only in terms of physical campus and all other services availed by you while attending traditional campus courses. But for that, all other expenses like faculty, course materials, administration are common for both online and traditional course should be incurred. Several financial institutions offer to fund online degree programs enabling students to pay their fees and study peacefully.

Myth 2 – Online Students miss out Traditional Classroom Interaction

More often than online students are said to miss out on their interaction with students unlike regular colleges, where students seem to gain a practical knowledge and insight into learning activity. In reality online education offers a distraction free learning environment and all the interaction needed is offered by way online interaction platforms. Your doubts are cleared and chatting with your course mates is possible whenever needed, in fact there is nothing that you miss.

Myth 3 – There is no Question of Competition between Online and Traditional Institutions

The statement might be partially true few years back, but not today. If someone where to analyze the range of developments and state of art technology being incorporated in day to day online learning environments, the benefits are far reaching and are way above traditional courses, catering to the needs of a larger group world over. Moving from the stage of comparison, it has crossed a level above traditional learning environment. So much so that even well known traditional schools are operating online in order to stay in the competition.

Myth 4 – It is Impossible to Evaluate Online Schools

Well, evaluating schools is a matter of relative comparison. In case of traditional schools to get to have look at the campus and the facilities offered by the schools and the quality of education provided by them. In case of online schools, you need to check on two aspects namely, accreditation of the school and variety of courses offered and quality of education imparted by the faculty members of the online institution. This can be known from the interaction with the senior students and alumni members of the educational institution. Hence nothing is impossible here.

Myth 5 – Online Professors are not Competent

To teach a group of students who are spread across continents, keeping in mind their exposure and level of knowledge, is not an easy job. Remember online faculties teach students who are not visible; hence they take every care to offer the best. In fact it takes a lot of effort to teach online which is possible only by eminent faculties. Hence there is no question of incompetent individuals becoming faculty members in online. In fact, it is very often the case with traditional schools where freshers and incompetent individuals get to teach students.

Myth 6 – E – learning Classrooms are not as Good as Traditional Schools

In case of traditional schools, certain factors like big classrooms, well lit rooms, rooms with sufficient ventilation should be taken into consideration. As far as online schools are concerned these aspects do not figure at all. What the students get to learn out of a virtual class atmosphere is what matters here. The quality of text, complete and clear explanations, cycle tests and practice tests which evaluates the students understanding of the subject is what matters. And above all online classes are open to students 24*7, unlike traditional schools where a student is absent; he forgoes that class for ever.

Myth 7 – Employers do not Recognized Online Degree Programs

There were times when online degree programs were not widely recognized by employers. But that was long time back. With the online educational system in its best of forms today, employers from their side encourage their employees to take up online degree programs and other specialization certificate as it enables their employees to educated themselves without compromising on their work. Given the quality of education online degree programs are considered in par with regular courses.

Myth 8 – No Studying required for Online Degree Programs

Online Degree Programs are not sold for money, instead they are taught to students enabling them to develop skills required for life and their work. No degree can be obtained without studying. So to say, online courses are far more difficult than traditional courses as it needs a lot of determination and self disciplined approach to study and qualify. The statement may be true with Diploma Mills where thy merely sell degree certificates for money.

Myth 9 – Students should have Technical Expertise for Pursing Online Educational Programs

It is true that students should be knowledgeable in operating their computer systems in order to pursue their online degree program, that doesn’t mean they should be experts. All they need to do is learn the basics of computer operation that will help them access their study materials and online classes. What is expected from the students is basic knowledge and nothing else.

Myth 10 – Online Learning is all about Reading the Subject from your Computer System

The statement is absolutely false. Online classes offered to students, have both video display and audio background explaining the subject to the students much similar to traditional college environment, except that the professor is virtually standing before you. The statement is true with distance learning courses that do not involve online learning. These days online learning environment adopts certain techniques to offer students a learning experience that which is far more superior to even traditional class environment.

I am sure reading through the myths about online degree program has definitely clarified a number of doubts, enabling you to take informed decisions about online learning and educational system on the whole.

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