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Friday, May 11, 2012

How to Get Lectures Through Online Learning

Whether your preference to learn from home stems out of a need to be around the house or the desire to avoid a commute, building your intelligence through online information is often as simple as finding what you need, hooking up the speakers and listening in. Taking in a lecture can be a way to fill a few hours of your day or work toward an educational or career goal. Finding online learning lectures requires a bit of online "homework," but the results should put you at the head of the class.


Visit the website of your preferred media file sharing company to seek out downloadable lectures and podcasts, which you can often stream directly online as well. Be sure to choose options suitable for your media player or digital media device. For example, iTunes users will find free lectures from Stanford University available through the iTunes site.

Check college websites for online learning opportunities. Even if the institution doesn't offer an online learning degree option, some schools offer many online lectures or links to other places to get free classroom talks and recorded presentations.

Type the term for the topic you're looking to learn, such as "digital graphic design," along with the term "video," "audio clip," "free lecture" or "online course" into a search engine on the Internet. Keeping the quotations around the words will help limit your search results to ones more applicable to online learning lectures. Browse through the results, click a website and look for a link that says "Listen now," "play" or a related term.

Review newspapers, magazines and direct mailings advertising local lectures in your area. Visit the website of the event, cultural facility or group that hosted the event and check whether the lecture was recorded and placed online for website visitors to stream. Use this process to seek online lectures for events and happenings across the country, as well as those in your own neighborhood.

Read the upcoming course catalog -- many are available online -- at your local community college. One way to learn online is through distance learning courses, where students log into the computer at a specific time to "hear" the professor lecture. These courses are sometime interactive, where you can post questions and communicate with other online learners.


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