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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

How NOT To Choose the Right Degree Program for You?

Online degree programs are available in various areas ranging from diploma courses to PhD courses in almost all fields. People have various reasons to opt for an online college. It could be either to develop specialized knowledge by opting for specializations or develop necessary skills for career advancement or career change. Whatever the reason might be, it is important that you do not commit the following common mistakes which can undermine your online experience and the worth of your degree.

Common Mistakes Committed by Online Students

If you have decided on a specific online degree at a specific academic level, then you should choose a suitable program that matchesyour requirements. You should weigh the pros and cons for the course chosen. However, while choosing an online degree, there is likelihood that you maymake mistakes that can affect not only your career development but also your time and money.

1. Opting for the wrong school or wrong online course. Many a times people do not carry out adequate            research about the online schools offering online degree programs. Plus they do not look for the degrees they are interested in, orthe one which meets their requirements.

2. Getting a degree from a diploma mill. Everyone is fascinated by ads which promise a degree or a diploma in three months at extremely low rates. However such diplomas are generally fake and are offered through diploma mills which claim to offer online degrees without the prerequisites. Such fake online degrees are not acknowledged by employers.

3. Selecting an online course based only on the fees. There are many online schools which offer online degrees at very nominal fees whereas others charge a higher fee. The selection of an online college just due to low fees can be disadvantageous. These low cost online colleges can have hidden fees or charges which can result you in paying much more than other online colleges. Therefore, you should do research on the fee and payment structure.

4. Taking admission in a non-accredited online college. People get into the trap of joining diploma mills as they offer online degrees with lower fees and promise other benefits as well. Non-accredited online colleges are not approved by employers or government agencies. Only accredited institutes are recognized by the government and are acknowledged by employers.

5. Extending your semester.Since you are not attending a traditional campus and are not taking off from work there is an increased likelihood of procrastination which results in students extending their semester. Stick to your schedule to avoid delay of completion of your online degree. You should avoid procrastinating as charges of extended semesters can cost you more.

6. Taking it easy. It is a common belief that online degree programs are easier than traditional courses with respect to coursework. However, the fact is that the coursework is similar to that of traditional degrees. Online courses require just as much hard work as other courses and needs completion of work according to the predefined schedule.

Although online degree programs offer a lot of benefits, they can be ineffective if you make mistakes in choosing the appropriate online course. You should do research and choose one which fits your requirement.


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